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Brian Kent is a former sex crimes unit prosecutor with a unique perspective and knowledge in handling civil sex abuse cases. Since 2010, Mr. Kent has been rated by Super Lawyers as a “Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney.” His law firm, Laffey, Bucci & Kent, handles cases across Pennsylvania & New Jersey. Mr. Kent is passionate about helping victims of sexual abuse and offers free consultations. Call 215.399.9255.

Child molestation, priest and clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse are horrific crimes committed against innocent victims. Sex abuse is often perpetrated by people in a position of power over others, such as mentors, priests, teachers or school employees, day care center employees, doctors, therapists, etc.

Sex abuse usually has long-lasting, devastating effects on the victims.  Such abuse often leaves deep psychological scars. Many victims turn to drugs and alcohol, suffer from nightmares, flashbacks, have difficulty with personal relationships, and much more.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Civil Lawsuits for Child Molestation, Priest or Clergy Abuse, Sexual Assault, and Sex Abuse

justice city hall philadelphia_miniVictims of child molestation, priest or clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse deserve justice in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey criminal and civil justice systems. However, coming forward and reporting the abuse can be a tremendous hurdle. Shame, guilt, and embarrassment often make it difficult for sex abuse victims to come forward, especially in situations where the abuse continued for months, if not years.

Once an abuse victim breaks the silence and steps forward, their search for justice begins. That search for justice can end with a criminal trial and a verdict or at least an admission of guilt by the abuser. An abuse victim’s search for justice can also end with financial compensation for not only any physical injury, but compensation for pain and suffering and any financial harm caused by the abuse.

How the Civil Justice System Differs from the Criminal System for Sex Abuse Victims

Both the criminal justice system and the civil justice system can provide justice for victims of child molestation, priest or clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse. Such victims have the right to seek civil justice against abusers and any person or institution which failed to prevent or stop the abuse.

justice for crime victimsThe civil justice system offers something the criminal system cannot-financial compensation for the physical, mental, emotional, and economic damage caused by crime. For victims of child molestation, priest or clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse, financial recovery will not make them whole after the abuse, but financial recovery can help pay for treatment and past and future lost earnings. However, many sex abuse victims are unaware of their civil rights to file child sex abuse lawsuits under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law. Oftentimes, other parties in addition to the predator are legally responsible for the crime and resulting injury.

Sex abuse within schools, day care centers, churches, and other institutions like hospitals or group homes is particularly problematic. This is because others within the institution, others with the power to stop the abuse, do nothing. When others do nothing but know of or suspect the abuse or fail to reasonably investigate allegations of abuse, the institution almost always bears legal responsibility for the abuse under Pennsylvania law. These other parties offer an additional source of financial recovery and in many cases, the injury and claim is covered by a business or commercial insurance policy.

A qualified Pennsylvania and New Jersey attorney, one with experience representing victims of child molestation, priest and clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse will conduct a careful, thorough investigation to determine liability of others beyond the perpetrator. A sex abuse victim’s civil lawsuit does not end with the perpetrator. It most certainly can and often does include institutions, like a church, diocese, school, day care center, etc., which allowed the abuse to continue. Civil justice for victims of child molestation, priest and clergy abuse, sexual assault, and sex abuse begins with accountability of those who negligently allowed the abuse to continue.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sex abuse, contact Brian Kent, an experienced civil sex abuse lawyer in NJ and PA. Mr. Kent handles child molestation, sexual assault, sex abuse, and priest/clergy abuse cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He works with attorneys nationwide and can also be admitted in other states to handle matters on a case by case basis.

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