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Page last updated: January 4, 2017

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  • Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Lawyer Discusses Grooming in Sexual Abuse Cases (January 23, 2018) Many victims of sexual abuse do not come forward.  People often do not understand why victims don’t come forward or wait many years after the abuse to come forward.  This is due to grooming, a process that abusers use to gain control and manipulate the victims.  See discussion by Pennsylvania sex abuse victims lawyer.

Priest & Pastor Sex Abuse Legal Articles

  • Is Pennsylvania Reforming Laws for Child Sex Abuse Survivors? (October 5, 2015) For the last 5 years, Pennsylvania legislators have considered multiple bills aimed at protecting victims of child molestation and child sex abuse. Statute of limitations reform is the first step. However, due to lobbying efforts by various religious and educational groups, no bill has made it through the legislature. Get the latest.
  • Determining Success of a Priest & Church Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in PA & NJ (August 24, 2014) What makes a priest or church abuse lawsuit successful in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Getting over the statute of limitations hurdle is the first issue. Then, there are many issues to consider, such as where the case is filed, the strength of the evidence. Each case varies.
  • A Look at a Recent NJ Priest Sex Abuse Lawsuit (August 15, 2014) Like practically every state in the country, New Jersey has seen its fair share of priest/church sex abuse scandals. In 2014, the Diocese of Trenton was embroiled in a scandal involving 1 priest and 3 victims.
  • Priest & Church Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in NJ or PA – Pattern of Wrongdoing & Misrepresentation (August 7, 2014) When it comes to child molestation by church employees like priests, pastors, etc., church institutions often succumb to an inherent desire to avoid investigations. Oftentimes, victims who report sex abuse and misconduct to church officials are lied to or otherwise bullied into silence. Time and time again, our sex abuse lawyers see church institutions engaging in patterns of wrongdoing aimed entirely at protecting themselves at the cost of victims.

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Resources in Pennsylvania & New Jersey for Victims of Abuse

Pennsylvania Office of Victim Advocate Pennsylvania provides help for victims of crime. This webpage discusses the help available in criminal cases, including financial compensation.

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape This nonprofit organization provides support including medical, legal and emotional support.

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General Victim Witness Advocacy – Bill of Rights What are a crime victim’s rights in criminal cases, as the prosecuting witness? A look at New Jersey Statutes Annotated, Section 52:4B-36.

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General – Victims of Crime Compensation Office Learn about the eligibility requirements to obtain compensation if you’ve been the victim of crime in New Jersey.

New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault This nonprofit organization provides support for victims of sex assault in New Jersey.