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Aug 272015

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania’s highest federal court (3rd Circuit Court of Appeals) asked the Pennsylvania (state) Supreme Court to answer a question about defamation and the defense of judicial privilege. See Schanne v. Addis, August 17, 2015. The question was raised in a defamation lawsuit filed by a former Montgomery County, PA high school teacher […]

Jul 022015

The Civil Rape Shield Law – Protecting Sex Abuse, Assault Victims in Civil Lawsuits For over a year, New Jersey legislators have been considering the Civil Rape Shield Law. This law would mirror a rule of evidence in criminal cases which prevents a victim’s past sexual history from being admitted as evidence at trial. More: […]

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Mar 112015

Roadblocks to Justice – Statute of Limitations Laws Child molesters often hold a tremendous power over their victims. Abusers are often family friends and people in positions of authority like teachers, members of the clergy, even police officers or medical doctors. That’s why it can take a victim years, if not decades, to come forward […]

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