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Jun 012014

Last updated: October 18, 2016 Bringing Sex Abuse Education to NJ Schools Erin’s Law refers to a specific law being passed in many states. The law requires that schools adopt age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education programs starting in pre-school through high school. Some versions of the law allow sexual abuse training […]

Mar 102014

Archdiocese Removes 2 More Priests Philadelphia Priests, James Collins & John Paul, Removed From Ministry According to a February 23, 2014 Philadelphia Archdiocese press release, James J. Collins and John P. Paul have been deemed unsuitable for ministry due to substantiated allegations they sexually abused minors over 40 years ago. These two priests were not […]

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Mar 042014

In 2005, after a 2 year investigation, a specially convened Grand Jury in Philadelphia issued a report detailing rampant child molestation by priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. According to the report, dozens of priests subjected hundreds of children to varying degrees of sexual abuse, from rape to exposure to pornography. Related: Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse […]

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Feb 132014

Late in 2013, the Philadelphia Archdiocese wrapped up its internal investigation of over 20 priests. The investigation began after a Philadelphia grand jury issued a report revealing shocking allegations of sex abuse by priests in the Philadelphia area. As a result of the investigation, a total of 14 priests were removed from ministry, just over […]

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Feb 042014

The priest sex abuse scandal involving the Philadelphia Archdiocese has resulted in a number of dismissals. Late last year in December, the Philadelphia Archdiocese announced the fate of seven more priests. Of the seven priests, five more were removed from ministry due to a substantiated finding of either an alleged sexual abuse of a minor […]

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Jan 302014

The Philadelphia priest sex abuse scandal that has rocked the area is far from over. Late last year, the Philadelphia Archdiocese released the results of its internal investigation into over 20 priests. That investigation was sparked by a 2011 Philadelphia Grand Jury report, which found that pedophiles lurked within the walls of various churches throughout […]

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Jan 162014

To date, 14 Philadelphia area priests have been removed from the ministry, mostly due to substantiated violations of priest behavior standards. The Philadelphia Archdiocese has not released any specific details about the reasons why these 14 priests were removed, other than a generic explanation of a “substantiated finding” of an “alleged violation.” Failing to release […]

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Jan 072014

March 2014 Update: John P. Paul Removed from the Ministry Yet another Philadelphia area priest has been placed on leave after a second set of sex abuse allegations surfaced. Last month, the Philadelphia Archdiocese placed Father John P. Paul on administrative leave, pending an investigation into sexual abuse allegations. This particular priest was not previously […]

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Dec 192013

PHILADELPHIA, December 19, 2013 Philadelphia’s priest sex abuse scandal is far from over. Last week, the Philadelphia Archdiocese released details regarding the status of seven more Philadelphia area priests. Five priests were removed from the ministry, and two priests were reinstated. One of the five priests removed from duty had previously been cleared and returned […]

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