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Feb 152013

Arkansas on the Verge of Abolishing the Statute of Limitations in Criminal Child Sex Abuse Cases

Arkansas may be another state to eliminate the statute of limitations in criminal cases for certain sex crimes involving minors. Under the current version of Arkansas’ criminal sex crimes statutes, criminal cases must be commenced before the victim turns 28 years old.

Senate Bill 92 would repeal the statute of limitations altogether for the most serious sex crimes involving minors. If passed, rape, sexual assault in the first and second degree, incest, and child pornography related crimes would have no statute of limitations. Click here to view Senate Bill 92 and its proposed changes.

This bill passed almost unanimously in the Arkansas Senate. Yesterday morning, it was just returned by the House Judiciary Committee with a recommendation that it pass. The bill will now go to the House for a vote and is likely to pass.

Why We Must Eliminate the Statute of Limitations in Child Sex Abuse Cases

We must make it easier for victims of child sex abuse to come forward, especially considering the extreme difficulty children have talking about sex abuse. Children who suffer repeated sex abuse suffer deep psychological and mental injury that sometimes takes decades to admit. This is why adults who were abused as children have difficulty talking about sex abuse. If passed, this bill will give victims of child sex abuse the chance to obtain justice.

The silver lining of the Jerry Sandusky case is that it encouraged discussions about child sex abuse across the country and more importantly, with parents and their children. As a result, we’re seeing increased reporting of child sex abuse in schools, churches, etc. Increased reporting sends a clear message to sex abusers and pedophiles who otherwise rely on their victims’ silence, that when they abuse a child, they are at increased risk of being reported and prosecuted.

Abolishing the criminal statute of limitations is a step in the right direction. It encourages victims to find justice and also sends a message to those who would abuse children. It is time for every state to abolish the criminal statute of limitations for child sex abuse crimes.

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