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Jul 112017

A New Jersey man is facing multiple charges of sexual molestation and child luring. Ethan Chandler, of Belleville, NJ, was arrested last December and faces charges that he attempted to meet what he thought was a 13 year old boy for sex.

Prior to his arrest, Chandler ran a sports video production company which was often involved with youth sports. In addition, subsequent news reports indicate that Chandler was a former church employee who worked in youth ministry in Connecticut in the 1990s.

Last year, police in New Jersey began investigating 42 year old Chandler for child molestation and attempted child luring. Detectives responded to a Craigslist ad by Chandler which solicited sex from a young male. The undercover agent responded to the ad indicating he was a 13 year old boy. When Chandler discovered this, he is alleged to have instructed the agent to use a mobile app to continue chatting. Eventually, the two were to meet in Woodbridge, NJ.

After Chandler’s arrest, detectives discovered additional evidence involving at least 3 teenaged boys. He is now being investigated for sexual abuse of minors. Chandler remains free on bail.

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Pattern of Conduct?

If the allegations against Chandler are true, they would underscore a common fact about people who molest children. Child predators escalate conduct over the course of months, if not years.

In Chandler’s case, a prior case from 2014 has resurfaced. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in 2014 after he was caught kissing a young man who appeared to be a minor. The incident occurred at the Livingston Mall in NJ. The young man fled when the two were discovered. This is why more serious charges weren’t filed. Without being able to prove that the young man was in fact a minor or a child, the case proceeded as a disorderly conduct case, a very minor criminal charge. Essentially, Chandler got off the hook in 2014. The recent charges, if true, show that the pattern of conduct has escalated since 2014.

Victim Services in New Jersey

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