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Jun 302012

Smoking guns rarely exist, but when they do, prosecutors and plaintiffs’ lawyers alike, usually rejoice. Recent news reports by the Washington Post and CNN indicate that several emails exist showing that in 2001, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz contemplated what to do about the allegations against Sandusky.

In an email between Schultz and Curley,  Schultz suggested doing the right thing and advising the Second Mile and the Department of Welfare. However, after a talk with Joe Paterno, Curley responded that he was uncomfortable with that plan and wanted to speak to Sandusky first.  It was then decided that they would talk to Sandusky and if he was uncooperative, they would then report the allegation. Apparently, Sandusky was cooperative and simply promised not to bring other boys to campus. Maybe that’s how Curely and Schultz could sleep at night.

These emails, so long as they can be verified, are the smoking guns that prosecutors and plaintiffs’ lawyers alike rarely get to see, let alone use in court. These emails between Curley and Schultz demonstrate behavior which clearly exceeds any bounds of decency. Prosecutors and plaintiffs’ lawyers have sufficient ammo to argue that these two sacrificed innocent children to save theirs and Penn State’s reputation. They deserve the maximum punishment allowed under the law.

The Penn State sex abuse scandal highlights a major problem – institutions like schools do not have any written policies about reporting sex abuse. The silver lining is that many institutions have now begun to address this and many now have instituted policies about reporting sex abuse.

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Published: June 30, 2012

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