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Jun 112012

Filing criminal charges against a sex abuser can be a stressful thing to do. Here are some tips for victims to consider when deciding whether to file charges against a child sex abuser:

1. Child sex abusers often abuse more than one child. Child sex abuse is hardly ever a single isolated event and is committed throughout an abuser’s entire life. Even elderly men commit child sex abuse. Filing criminal charges may have a deterrent effect and could prevent the abuser from abusing other children in the future.

2. Reporting the abuse can help victims in the healing process. There is no such thing as recovery from child sex abuse. Life will literally never be the same for a child who is sexually abused. Rather, once the victim comes to terms with the abuse, the lifelong healing process begins. Reporting the crime to the authorities or even a sex abuse help group can be helpful for the victim. He or she may meet other child sex abuse victims. Being able to discuss what occurred is a step in the right direction.

3. In Pennsylvania, victims of child sex abuse have until their 50th birthday to bring criminal charges. After the abuse is reported, sex crimes unit detectives will conduct an investigation. Eventually, the local prosecutor’s office will decide whether there is enough evidence to proceed with the criminal case.

Child sex abuse is perpetrated by all people, from all walks of life, such as: priests, clergy, school teachers, coaches, family members, etc. Such abuse leaves deep, lasting scars and victims often spend their entire lives trying to come to terms with the abuse. The road to justice is long and difficult. Filing criminal charges may help victims in their healing process.

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Published: June 11, 2012

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