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Nov 282012

Last month, Oregon high school principal, Michael Bremont, accepted a plea deal in a sex abuse case involving a 17 year old high school student. Bremont faces a second criminal charge involving a 15 year old high school student.

Ten years ago, Bremont started as a high school administrator in the Central Linn, Oregon school district. His tenure ended in 2007. During that time, his family lived on the high school’s campus. In 2006, he offered his first victim, a 17 year old student, a home with his family. This student is the victim in the first criminal case.

After Bremont left the Central Linn position in 2007, he worked at the Redmond school district and eventually became principal of a school in Redmond. The second case of sexual abuse is alleged to have occurred while Bremont was principal.

The prosecutor in the first case, George Eder, stated at sentencing that school staff members noticed the relationship between Bremont and the girl and even confronted Bremont, who denied the relationship.

What is troubling about this particular case is that school employees suspected the first case of abuse and even confronted Bremont. However, nothing was done. Bremont then is alleged to have abused his second victim, the 15 year old student, when Bremont was principal of the school she attended. Read about why school employees often fail to report suspected cases of sex abuse of students.


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