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Sep 182013

Media Attention in Sex Abuse Cases is Increasing

Over the last decade, we’ve seen countless media reports of victims of sexual abuse coming forward and filing charges against the abuser. Teachers, coaches, doctors, daycare centers, etc. have all made various headlines, both local and national. Of course, priests and members of religious groups and orders are also facing increased media attention due to reports of sex abuse.

The very sad and unfortunate reality is that sex abuse and child sex abuse are pervasive and historically hard to stamp out, due to the perpetual cycle or culture of silence. For example, a victim of child sex abuse may keep silent because of the shame and guilt. That silence perpetuates the cycle, and oftentimes results in additional victims. Child molesters are often emboldened by a victim’s silence.

However, it seems that we are at a major turning point. Victims of sex abuse are opening up and sharing their stories of abuse, pain and survival. The increased media attention sheds light on what previously was a taboo topic. This in turn helps victims step forward.

Getting Justice Against Sex Abusers or Child Molesters

Criminal investigation is the first step to obtaining justice. Most police departments have special sex abuse units designated to the investigation and prosecution of sex abuse and child sex abuse. The detectives and police officers in these units are very experienced and trained on how to handle these cases. In addition, it is important to note that many states have different statute of limitations periods for both criminal and civil cases. So, it is important to speak to a sex abuse lawyer as soon as possible to discuss the statute of limitations and other issues.

Filing a civil lawsuit is the next step. While financial compensation is the usual outcome of a civil sex abuse lawsuit, other outcomes are possible, such as forcing a school to impose better sex abuse reporting policies or getting a written apology. Filing a civil lawsuit is a very personal decision that should be made only after speaking to a sex abuse lawyer, family members and friends.


Sex Abuse Legal Help

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