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Oct 182016

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of teachers, coaches and school employees who have been criminally charged with sexual abuse of a student. One of the reasons for this is the increased media attention given to these types of cases. In addition, several high profile child molestation cases have created a domino effect of legislation regarding reporting child sex abuse, educating students about sex abuse, and increasing criminal penalties for such abuse.

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have passed several laws targeting predators and making it easier for prosecutors in criminal cases.  However, despite these laws, school employees have continued to sexually abuse students. In 2016, there have been several cases where a teacher or coach is accused of sexually abusing a student.

Passaic County, NJ Substitute Teacher Charged with Sex Assault of 10 Year Old Student (January 2016)

A substitute teacher from Passaic County is charged with molesting a 10 year old student in the presence of two other students. The abuse is alleged to have occurred at school. The teacher faces a second-degree sexual assault charge as well as child endangerment charges.

Lawrence, NJ High School Teacher Charged with Sex Abuse of Student (April 2016)

According to a press release by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, a high school teacher at Notre Dame High School is accused of fondling a female student who had come to his classroom for extra credit. The teacher faces child endangerment and criminal sexual contact charges. Law enforcement is seeking information about additional victims.

Newark, NJ Music Teacher Charged with 2nd Degree Sex Assault of Student (May 2016)

A high school music teacher faces 3 counts of second-degree sexual assault for allegedly assaulting a teenage student on school property. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office is handling the case.

Middlesex County, NJ Teacher Charged with Abuse of 15 Year Old Student (June 2016)

A married Middlesex County teacher was arrested and charged with sex assault of a 15 year old girl. The assault is alleged to have occurred in New Milford, Bergen County. The teacher is facing multiple criminal charges including endangering the welfare of a child, sexual assault, luring, and promoting obscene material.

South Plainfield, NJ High School Teacher Charged with Child Endangerment (June 2016)

A South Plainfield high school teacher and cheerleading coach has been charged with child endangerment for allegedly using social media to send inappropriate photos to a male student. The conduct is alleged to have occurred earlier this year in February.


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