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Legal Help for Victims of Crime

Firm founder, Brian Kent, specializes in representing victims of crime, not only victims of sexual abuse or assault. Mr. Kent also accepts other crime victim cases, including:

  • negligent security cases,
  • bullying/cyberbullying, and
  • alcohol/DUI accidents.

Negligent Security

Negligent security claims are usually made in cases where an individual is injured due to foreseeable criminal activity at businesses such as:

  • hotels,
  • shopping malls,
  • bars, and
  • restaurants.

The basis of these kinds of claims involve knowing about the risk of criminal activity, yet failing to take appropriate corrective action, such as installing additional lighting, hiring security personnel, warning customers, etc.

In addition, those who own or manage private establishments, such as an apartment complex, may be liable when a tenant, guest, etc., is injured as the result of foreseeable criminal activity.


Reports of bullying and cyberbullying are on the rise and often involve middle school students, high school students, and members of a fraternity/sorority at college. Victims of bullying may be able to receive financial compensation from the bullies themselves as well as those who negligently allowed bullying to continue. For example, a fraternity or sorority which allows bullying behavior to continue may be liable in a subsequent lawsuit. The school may be liable as well.

Alcohol/DUI Accidents

Those injured in alcohol accidents and DUI accidents may have legal recourse against private individuals and/or public establishments which negligently served alcohol (serving too much alcohol or serving a minor). For instance, bar/restaurants may be liable for alcohol-fueled bar fights, DUI car accidents and other alcohol-related mishaps.

Financial Compensation for Victims of Crime

Victims of crime may be able to receive fair and just financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages. In cases in which the victim is killed, the surviving family members may be able to bring valid legal claims and receive financial compensation for the financial losses caused by the death of their loved one.

Legal Representation by a Former Sex Crimes Prosecutor

Firm founder, Brian Kent, is a former sex crimes unit prosecutor who is passionate about securing justice for victims of crime. For a free consultation, please call 800.220.7600.