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When parents send their children to school, they are entrusting the care of their children to the teachers and school administrators. This is even more so for parents who send their children to boarding school.

Though schools assure parents that the safety and well-being of their students is their top-priority, students may still be harmed. One such instance is when a teacher sexually abuses a student.

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PA Boarding School Teacher Arrested for Sexually Assaulting a Former Student

A boarding school teacher in Chester County was arrested last month for the alleged sexual assault of a former student. He has been charged with Institutional Sexual Assault, Corruption of Minors, Unlawful Contact with a Minor and Endangering the Welfare of Children.

The 31 year old boarding school teacher was also a coach and dorm supervisor at the Phelps School in Malvern, PA. The alleged incidents happened on the campus of the school where the teacher lived in campus housing.

The victim alleges that the abuse occurred from 2013 to 2014 while he was enrolled as a full time boarding student. He became friends with the teacher and was 17 years old when the abuse began. The victim was sexually assaulted at an on-campus apartment when he was a junior. According to authorities, the sexual abuse continued throughout the victim’s senior year.

The teacher allegedly communicated with the victim by cell phone and text messages. The messages contained code words for sexual activity, and the victim was told by the teacher to delete the messages immediately after reading them.

The school fired the teacher after learning of the accusations.

Pennsylvania Teacher Sex Abuse

Teachers sexually abusing their students is an enormous problem across the United States. It seems that there are reports of teachers engaging in inappropriate sexual acts with their students almost every day.

According to a study that tracked news reports of teacher sex crimes in 2014, Pennsylvania is among one of the top states with the largest number of news reports of inappropriate teacher conduct and sex abuse. Texas was first, and Pennsylvania and California tied for second.

An act of sexual violence, such as rape and assault, can devastate a victim’s life. For many victims, the impact is long lasting – years and even a lifetime.

Though victims have legal rights against their perpetrators, it is often difficult for many victims to come forward. If you or a loved one was a victim of sex abuse, call Brian Kent, Esq. Mr. Kent is a former sex crimes unit prosecutor with a unique perspective and knowledge in handling civil sex abuse cases. Mr. Kent is passionate about helping victims of sexual abuse and offers free confidential consultations. Call 800.220.7600.


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