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Dec 152015

On December 9, 2015, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) voted and approved to give 44 entities in PA $3.4 million in grant funding from the Endowment Act Fund. This grant is the first found of grants to come from a $48 million fund endowed by Penn State as a result of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal.

The money is intended to assist victims of child sex abuse in Pennsylvania. Therefore, the money is required to remain in Pennsylvania. It will go toward hiring forensic interviewers and victim advocates, improving access to trauma therapists, helping victims of sex abuse get counseling in underserved areas and other support for victims of child sex abuse.

PCCD said that there were 93 applicants for the grant funding and that those who did not receive funding this time can reapply in the next round.

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One of the entities that received a grant is the Berks County Women in Crisis. The organization will receive $79,186 to provide treatment to child sex abuse victims in the area. Berks Women in Crisis will use the money to hire a full-time therapist and implement a research-based group to assist child trauma victims.

Another entity that received a grant is the Women’s Center of Beaver County. The organization will receive $62,218 to assist victims of child sex abuse. The money will be used for a full-time children’s therapist and therapist supplies.

Help and Resources for Child Sex Abuse Victims in Pennsylvania

Many child sex abuse victims do not come forward. One of the reasons is because they are afraid of their abusers. Their abusers may threaten to hurt someone they love if they tell anyone. Another reason is because the child sex abuse victims are fond of or love their abusers. A priest may pay special attention to a child who comes from a broken family. As a result, the child comes to trust and love the priest. The priest then starts to sexually abuse or molest the child. The victim may know that it is wrong, but feels conflicted and does not say anything because he loves the priest.

Child sex abuse victims need help and support. The funding these PA entities will receive ensures that children who are victims of sex abuse receive the support and help that they need.

Victims of child sexual abuse have legal rights against their perpetrators, i.e., teacher, priest, pastor, coach, etc. In addition, victims of sexual abuse also have legal rights against those who knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop the abuse from happening. To learn about victim’s legal rights, contact Brian Kent, Esq. who always offers FREE confidential consultations. 215.399.9255

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