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Nov 042013

Last year, a Norristown, Pennsylvania man was convicted of sexually exploiting a 2 year old girl. He had been hired as her babysitter. The victim’s father found the babysitter online, via one of the many babysitter network websites.

The 56 year old man had been interviewed and even offered parents a criminal background check. Within a short period of time after getting hired, the babysitter began exploiting the girl and sent photos of her to others in Oregon.  He was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison. Source:

This is not an isolated situation. In 2011, another Pennsylvania man was convicted of sexually abusing 3 young boys he babysat. Source:, “Police: Man sexually abused 3 young boys while babysitting”

Parents Must Beware of Babysitters & Nannies

Hiring a complete stranger to care for your child in an in-home care situation can be very dangerous.  Many parents think that merely passing a criminal background check is enough. It is not. Parents must at least consider the pros and cons of hiring a private babysitter/nanny for their young children, especially those who are too young to verbalize what occurs during the day.

Tips for Parents on Hiring a Babysitter or Nanny

Many parents who need childcare have no choice but to find babysitters or nannies online. This is dangerous for obvious reasons. If you are a parent who is considering hiring a babysitter or nanny you found online, below are some tips to consider:

1. Ask for references. Interviews are not enough. Get the names of at least 3 parents who the prospective babysitter/nanny has worked with. Call each of them and find out how long the prospective babysitter worked for them. It is a red flag when a babysitter bounces from family to family.

2. You should have a standing policy. At any time, you can drop in unannounced and also have friends/neighbors drop in.

3. Talk about sex abuse with the babysitter. People who commit sex abuse often prey on children whose parents aren’t paying attention. By talking about the issue with a prospective babysitter, you are being proactive, and letting the babysitter know that you are in fact, paying attention.


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