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Nov 052012

Representation by a Former Sex Crimes Unit Prosecutor

Laffey, Bucci & Kent partner, Brian Kent, is a former sex crimes unit prosecutor and now civil lawyer who represents victims of sex abuse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Kent also takes cases in other states, such as New York and Delaware, on a case by case basis. Contact Brian Kent for a free consultation. Mr. Kent also offers free consultations to sex abuse victims contemplating filing criminal charges.  800.220.7600

Victims of sex abuse can and should review their legal rights with a lawyer. In many instances, the abuser and others may be liable. Under the law, defendants may be liable to pay civil damages to the victim for compensation for the crimes and long-lasting emotional trauma and scarring.

Victims of sex abuse deserve justice and seeking legal help is an important first step.

Brian Kent handles civil sex abuse cases involving:

  • priests,
  • church members,
  • teachers,
  • coaches,
  • daycare employees,
  • school employees, and
  • doctors.

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