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Oct 232012

This summer, House Bill 2488 made its way out of the House Judiciary Committee by a unanimous vote. HB 2488 along with other related bills would eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for various child sex abuse offenses and would extend the civil statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases to the victim’s 50th birthday. Related HB 832 would limit attorneys’ fees to no more than 15% in civil cases.

Under current law, criminal charges must be instituted by the victim’s 50th birthday and civil cases must be filed by the victim’s 30th birthday.

As of September 24, 2012, HB 2488 and the other bills have been laid on the table, or tabled in the House. It will eventually be voted on in both the House and the Senate.  Read more about the proposed amendment to the child sex abuse statute of limitations.

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