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Sep 072012

Just this summer, a Philadelphia supervising priest was found guilty of child endangerment, for allowing priests with known or reasonably suspected sexual abuse proclivities to have contact with children. William Lynn was sentenced to 3-6 years for his criminal failure to do more to protect children within the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Lynn’s arrest and trial began after a Philadelphia Grand Jury found child sex abuse rampant among Philadelphia area priests. The Archdiocese then began its own internal investigation. That investigation resulted in dismissal of several priests for violations of church standards of behavior:

  • George Cadwallader,
  • Francis Feret,
  • Robert Povish,
  • John Reardon, and
  • Thomas Rooney.

Philadelphia Priest George Cadwallader

George Cadwallader is 58 years old and was ordained in 1992. He was deemed “Unsuitable for Ministry” for a substantiated “alleged violation of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries.” When he was placed on administrative leave, he was at Saint Vincent de Paul in Richboro, Pennsylvania. His previous assignments include:

  • Saint Joseph, Downingtown (from 1992-1993),
  • Saint Martin of Tours, Philadelphia (from 1993-1997),
  • Saint Anselm, Philadelphia (from 1997-1999),
  • Stella Maris, Philadelphia (from 1999-2007) and
  • Saint Bernard, Philadelphia (from 2007-2008).

Justice Begins with Reporting the Sex Abuse

Anyone with any information about priest abuse, clergy abuse, child sexual abuse or sexual abuse is urged to contact the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office:

  • Special Victims Unit: 215-685-3252
  • Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit: 215-686-8080

Contacting the District Attorney’s office can be overwhelming. Mr. Kent offers free, confidential consultations to all victims of sex abuse. 800.220.7600

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