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Jan 302014

The Philadelphia priest sex abuse scandal that has rocked the area is far from over. Late last year, the Philadelphia Archdiocese released the results of its internal investigation into over 20 priests. That investigation was sparked by a 2011 Philadelphia Grand Jury report, which found that pedophiles lurked within the walls of various churches throughout Philadelphia. Many priests were accused of horrific acts of sexual abuse.

The following is a list of Philadelphia area priests who have been removed from ministry as of December 2013:

  1. John Bowe,
  2. George Cadwallader,
  3. Michael Chapman (substantiated finding: alleged sexual abuse of a minor),
  4. Mark Fernandes (substantiated finding: alleged violation of the standards of priest behavior),
  5. Joseph Gallagher,
  6. Mark Gaspar,
  7. David Givey,
  8. Joseph Glatts (substantiated finding: alleged violation of the standards of priest behavior),
  9. Francis Feret,
  10. Stephen Perzan (substantiated finding: alleged violation of the standards of priest behavior),
  11. Robert Povish,
  12. John Reardon,
  13. Thomas Rooney, and
  14. Peter Talocci (substantiated finding: alleged violation of the standards of priest behavior).

Therefore, out of the 20+ priests in the initial investigation, over half have been removed, many for “alleged violations” of priest behavior standards. While the Philadelphia Archdiocese has failed to expound on the details involving the removal of these priests, one thing is clear – it continues to choose priests over victims. A recent news article on (see below) indicated that the Archdiocese does not reveal any information about where defrocked priests are living.

Citing privacy concerns, the Archdiocese stated that like any other organization, it does not reveal information about former priests, even defrocked priests. This explanation is problematic because the Archdiocese is not just any ordinary organization. It is part of one of the largest religious institutions in the world, supposedly a moral barometer. On the one hand, of course, protecting a former priest’s privacy is important, but on the other hand, if a defrocked priest is even suspected of being a pedophile, why put innocent children at risk? If you had the chance to prevent child sex abuse, shouldn’t you take it?

Earlier this week, reported that a former Philadelphia area priest was found living in another state. He’d reinvented himself as an employee of a major company who had lost everything after the September 11 attacks. According to the sources in the news report, this priest has been hanging out with young boys and engaging in questionable behavior. The priest has since moved on and vanished; his identity and whereabouts unknown. Essentially, he is free to disappear into unsuspecting communities, and so the cycle continues. Source:, From Philly to Dallas, ex-priest a ‘brutal abuser’ without remorse

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Published: January 30, 2014

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