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Oct 172012

“Without Brian, I would not have been able to go through with my civil case. Not only did he provide expertise advice, knowledge, and skill, but more importantly his reassurance and support proved invaluable. Brian was genuinely concerned with my well-being throughout the long and arduous legal process; I felt completely comfortable confiding in him and being open about how I was feeling. I have the utmost respect for Brian, Jeff, and Paul and they have left a positive and indelible mark on my life.” -G. G.

Review Posted: October 17, 2012

This client was sexually abused by her school teacher at a local high school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Years later, she made the important decision to face her abuser. She filed a lawsuit against her former teacher and the school where the abuse occurred.  Through her case, she was able to face her abuser. As a result of her case, the school adopted formal policies to prevent sexual abuse and molestation by school employees. Her case certainly made a difference for her and for the school.

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For more information, contact Brian Kent, a former sex crimes unit prosecutor and now civil sex abuse victims lawyer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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