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Apr 282013

We trust our schools with the care and safety of our children. We trust that no teacher, coach or other school employee like a janitor will abuse our children. The problem, however, is that sex abuse in a school setting occurs with a frequency that is simply unacceptable. The question is-how do we protect our children from sex abuse at school?

On the one hand, as parents, we must open the channels of communication with our children, so they are comfortable enough to come to us when something is wrong. However, on the other hand, sex abuse prevention starts and ends with the schools.

Our schools must institute a zero tolerance policy to combat the problem of sex abuse within a school setting.

Prevention begins with school administrators who must take proper steps to ensure that 1. an exhaustive policy about reporting and investigation of sex abuse exists, and 2. all school employees receive both an initial training as well as subsequent/refresher training. The problem is that many schools simply do not have such policies in place.

An Effective School Sex Abuse Reporting & Investigation Policy

To be effective, a sex abuse reporting and investigation policy must be exhaustive in that it addresses steps to be taken in multiple, different scenarios, such as:

  • sex abuse by a student,
  • sex abuse by a parent/relative,
  • sex abuse by a teacher, coach or other school employee,
  • sex abuse occurring on school property or at school functions, and
  • sex abuse occurring outside school property or school functions.

Sex abuse by a teacher, coach or school employee is often devastating to the child’s mental and emotional development. This is true even when the victim is 17 or 18 years old, the victim will still suffer the ramifications of sex abuse by an adult or person in a position of power.  Many victims suffer the effects of such abuse well into adulthood. Also, many victims will repeat the cycle and abuse others.

We must work to stop the cycle and prevent sex abuse. Schools must do their part and work towards instituting proper policies and procedures.

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Sex abuse in schools is often committed by teachers, administrators, coaches, teacher’s aides, and other staff. Children suffer long term consequences and may be entitled to compensation. In addition, schools often change the school’s sex abuse reporting policy as a result of being sued. Brian Kent works to obtain justice for victims of school sex abuse.

For more information, contact Brian Kent, a former sex crimes unit prosecutor. Brian offers free consultations to victims of sex abuse in a school setting.

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