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Oct 252012

A: Many victims of child sex abuse can file criminal charges (up to the age of 50) or may be able to file civil claims. Each case varies and depends on the facts and dates of abuse.

The statute of limitation is the single most important question in determining what a sex abuse victim’s rights are. Under Pennsylvania law, the criminal statute of limitations for child sex abuse is the victim’s 50th birthday. Read more about the criminal statute of limitations in a Pennsylvania child sex abuse or molestation case here.

The civil statute of limitations is the victim’s 30th birthday. In other words, a victim may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the abuser and any other person or entity which knew of the abuse and negligently failed to stop, report or otherwise prevent it.

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For more information, contact Brian Kent, a former sex crimes unit prosecutor and now civil sex abuse victims lawyer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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